Let’s knock out the common myths about moving to Marbesa! Yes, it’s hard when you have to leave the old life and embrace a new place, a new culture and new people. But there is also fun and excitement.

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Common Myths about living in Marbesa


Common Myths about moving in to Marbesa

Yes, it’s hard when you have to leave the old life and embrace a new place, a new culture and new people. But there is also fun and excitement. Let’s knock out the common myths about moving to Marbesa!

”I can’t buy a property in Marbesa, I don’t know the language”

This is not a problem at all! A highly diverse mix of nationalities and backgrounds can be found in Marbella. As such, there is a strong foreign approach to life in the Marbella municipality.

You can expect to find many language-speaking facilities and businesses, including supermarkets, hospitals, restaurants, financial and legal services, and a plethora of excellent international bilingual schools.

This accessible and accepting attitude makes it possible to incorporate even more smoothly during everyday activities. Although the most commonly spoken dialects are English and Spanish, many organizations offer a wide range of multilingual services and typically advertise themselves as such.

In Spain, also large banks are now providing services in many other languages to appeal to customers in the growing international market.

Check out the type of the properties that we built in Marbesa

”All of the great property is already bought”

Some of the most desired luxury properties in the world are home to the breathtaking panoramic views of Marbella, and the formidable mountains, sprawling beaches and built urbanizations of the municipality host some truly incredible and highly tailored properties.

Even so, it is always space for new people, new experiences and houses that transform into homes.

The local landscape seamlessly supports some impressive structures, from historic residences to contemporary villas and ultramodern penthouses. The exclusive Sierra Blanca residential area, for instance. The property hotspot is also lovingly referred to as the "Beverly Hills of Marbella" on the mountainside of the famous Golden Mile.

Moving further west, in the more typically modelled pueblo setting of Benahavis, you can find beautiful mountainous properties.

The quiet area is steeped in tradition and has permitted a more authentic Andalusian lifestyle to be enjoyed by many of its international residences while maintaining uncompromised links to the surrounding amenities.

Marbella has become a prime location for design efforts and one-off buildings due to the excellent nature and preparedness of green parcels available and is considered by many to be a mecca of modern architecture. To fit every aesthetic, lifestyle and niche, there is definitely a corner of Marbella.

”I don’t know anybody there”

It's next to difficult to be lonely in Marbella. This is where, with a whole new perspective, you get the best parties. When you enter the streets of Marbella at night, you're confused by the options of where to go. The bars are fancy and there's glamour in the clubs.

It wouldn't be fair to list Marbella's nice stuff and leave an important food and beverage portion. This is a spot where you are confident that you can get decent food. The restaurants serve different cuisines, the most popular of which is Spanish cuisine. The restaurants here, though, make sure there is plenty for everyone.

In conclusion, why choose MARBELLA?

Marbella is a beautiful place to buy the home of your dreams and start a new life. Getting to this city is no challenge if you haven't been to Marbella before. Whether you go by air or by road, it is well connected. Its location is next to the A7 highway, allowing it access to many towns and cities along the eastern coast of Spain.

Hence, when relocating from some part of the world, it will not be a concern. To arrive in Marbella, you will get the fastest means of travel.

The area is full of sandy white beaches, majestic houses and diverse communities, making it a great destination for holidays. You should invite your family members and friends to come and visit the best holiday destination ever if you already stay here.

The stunning hills and mountains surround this coastal town of Marbella. The peace here is epic. You have the chance to see thousands of migratory birds relaxing after a long ride from nearby beautiful national parks to the former noble hunting grounds of Donana. There it doesn't end. This is the place to be if you are a nature lover.

Even the town of Marbella is safe and stable. When you are out on the beaches enjoying yourself with friends and loved ones, you don't have to think about thieves breaking into your beautiful home

The safest spot in Marbella to live

Look at the 16th century-old town with its famous Plaza de Los Naranjos while finding the best area in Marbella, Spain. The old town provides outstanding investment options, where individuals can buy a top-floor three-bedroom apartment for approximately EUR 300,000 or a three-floor luxury two-bedroom terraced house for approximately EUR 690,000.

Is living in Marbella, Spain, expensive?

If you consider Marbella the ideal moving spot, we are sure that within the budget we can find you the specific house. Marbella is a perfect destination for visitors, so you might imagine an investment property, keep it for yourself throughout the year for a few weeks, but also rent it out to offset the expense of the investment.

Keep in contact with us at any time if you have further concerns about life in Marbesa or want assistance with your move. We want to help make your moving experience easy, so you can concentrate on making the most of this beautiful position on the Costa del Sol!

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